In the Beginning...

The Law Faculty and the Law Library began as the High School of Law and Economics in 1935 in Tel Aviv.


In 1962 The Trubowicz building, the first building on the Ramat Aviv campus of Tel Aviv University, became the permanent location of the Law Faculty and until 1979 the Law Library was located in what is now "the Malka Brender Hall of Justice (Kes Hamishpat Hall).


The first Director of the Law Library was the Adv. Chesia Fischler. 


In 1976, the architect Robert Nadler was commissioned, together with A. Schiller, to design a separate building, adjoining the Trubowicz building, for the Law Library.


In 1979 The David J. Light Law Library was established by David J. Light and his son, Dr. George H. Light of Miami, Florida, U.S.A.


In 1997 the W.A. Minkoff building, dedicated to the memory of W.A. Minkoff, Geneva, Switzerland, was inaugurated in the presence of his son, Francis C. Minkoff and Mrs. Marie France Minkoff, as an extension to the David J. Light Law Library. Rhoda Davidian, Director of the Library, since 1988, took an active role in planning and designing the W.A. Minkoff Building so that the infrastructure of the new building could meet the demands of modern technology. Conduits for electricity and telecommunications were built into the floors in order to easily adapt to future needs. The lighting was designed for computer use, book shelves and for reading, while the sitting was designed to provide for diverse study habits. The windows were designed to allow natural light and views to enter the halls.  A classic look was chosen to symbolize the continuity of law and to be pleasing to the eye. The plans were modular in order to allow maximum flexibility.


Throughout the years, The David J. Light Law Library has continued to develop, both professionally and technologically, and aspires to meet the evolving educational and research needs and the expanding national and international programs of the Law Faculty at Tel Aviv University.            


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