Loan Rules

TAU students, faculty, employees, volunteers and pensioners may check out books at the Law Library.

Circulation privileges are personal and non-transferable.

Book Loan:

Please present the relevant card at the Reference/Circulation desk:

1.TAU students – a valid TAU student card or a Universitag (library barcode card) with an id card.

2.TAU faculty – employee card or valid credentials

3. TAU employees - employee card or valid credentials

4. TAU pensioners – valid credentials

5. TAU volunteers – valid credentials


Please take note of the return date and time when checking out the books.

The Reference/Circulation desk is open for loan up until 15 minutes before closing time.


Returning Books

  • The books are to be returned to the Reference/Circulation desk or to the box attached to the entrance door (the hatch is open until 8:30 am)
  • Books are to be returned to the Library on time, or upon the request of the Circulation desk if required by the Library.
  • Patron is not allowed to transfer books to another person after they have been checked out.The patron is responsible for the books until they are returned to the Library.
  • Please inform the Library and the Dean of Students in case of a lost student card.
  • The patron will reimburse the library for damage cause to the Books while they were in his/her possession, according to the decision of the Library's Administrator.
  • Please follow your loans/due dates/orders on your Library Card.


Lost Books

The patron shall replace the book and pay the library handling fee.

If the book is out of print, the patron will pay its value according to the Library's director discretion plus handling fee.


The Book Collection

1. Reserved books and books that are required by the Library are available for loan on a daily basis

2. Books on 3 days loan

3. Books on loan from the general collection

4. Books and items that are not for loan including: reference books (dictionary, encyclopdedia), journals, case reports, official legislation series, loose leafs, and all other books required by the Library.


Loan Renewal

  • Automatic Renewal - Circulation period for books on loan from the general collection is extended automatically.
    Reserved books and books that have been ordered by another user are not renewed automatically.
    Notification regarding books that were not renewed automatically and that should be returned will be sent to the patron's university email address.

Please make sure to check due dates for your books on loan in your Library Card.

  • Renewal by phone –  call 03-6408356/7 between 08:30 – 19:30 or until 30 minutes before closing time.


Items that will not be renewed:

  •  Reserved book, including a single or last copy of a reserved book;
  •  A book that is required by another user/s;
  •  A book that is overdue


Overdue Books and Fines

An overdue book will be fined. The fine is per item and per item status. The rates are determined by the Finance Department of the University.

Patrons are encouraged to return books or renew books on time.



Books on 3 day and regular loan – fine per days

Reserved books – fine per hour

Last/single copy – fine per hour, enlarged fee

Required  reserved book - fine per hour, enlarged fee


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