Discussion Rooms

The Law Library has 7 group study rooms to accomodate various size groups.

6 of these rooms have LCD screens. 

An erasable board is also available. 

ilus. Students in Discussion Room in the Adv. Moshe Oster wing
Students in Discussion Room in the Adv. Moshe Oster wing
  • Adv. Moshe Oster Wing - 4 Group Discussion Rooms are available for the students of the Law Faculty students on the lower level of the Library.
    • Room 1 – Up to 8 students.
    • Room 2 – Up to 6 students
    • Room 3 – Up to 4 students 
    • Room 4 – Up to 8 Students.
  • The Daniel Yakobson room – 2-8 people.



  • The rooms are for groups of minimum 2 persons.
  • A room may be booked up to 3 hours per booking.
  • You may submit 5 booking requests per month.
  • Please cancel a booking that you will not be able to attend.
  • The room will be reserved up to 15 minutes beyond its starting time. If you are more than 15 minutes late, the room will no longer be reserved for you.
  • The key for the reserved room will be given at the Reference/Circulation desk. Please present a valid student ID card. The student placing the order is responsible for the key.

Room Booking

Booking Schedule


  • Discussion Rooms that do not require booking:  Rooms 5-6 are for 2-4 people
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