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American Doctoral Dissertations

Access American Doctoral Dissertations

The enhanced database includes more than 153,000 theses and dissertations in total, including 70,000 new citations for theses and dissertations from 1902 to the present. Approximatl;y 3000 titles are on Legal issues.  
The new citations include a link to access the full text, when available, via the Institutional Repository where the thesis or dissertation is housed such as OhioLINK, Rochester Institute of Technology and North Carolina State University.

Arab - Israel Relations 1917 - 1970

Access Arab-Israeli Relations 1917-1970

Arab-Israeli Relations 1917-1970 offers the widest range of original source material from the Foreign Office, Colonial Office, War Office and Cabinet Papers from the 1917 Balfour Declaration through to the Black September war of 1970-1.137,000 pages of source documents.
The documents are predominantly in English, but the database contains files in 14 languages.
Here mayor policy statements are set out in their fullest context, following the creation of the State of Israel in 1948, British diplomacy towards Israel and the Arab States.

The Database also contains British Mandate legislation relavant to Israeli law.

Subjects: Political, diplomatic and military history of the Middle East in the 20th century, Arab-Israely conflict.


Access Artemis

A platform that allows you to search severel Gale databases using an intutitive unified search engine. 

The databases that are currently available for search are:


The Economist Historical Archive, 1843-2011

The Financial Times Historical Archive, 1888-2010

The Making of Modern Law: Foreign, Comparative, and International Law, 1600-1926

The Making of Modern Law: Legal Treatises, 1800-1926


Brill's Human Rights and Humanitarian Law E-Books Online

Brill's  Human Rights and Humanitarian Law E-Books Online

A Collection of 1064 e-books on human rights and humanitarian law 2006-2017.

Cambridge Core

Access Cambridge Core

Cambridge Core platform includes access to the Cambridge journals that the Library subscribes to and the the book collections.

The book collection package includes books on various legal subjects published on 2012-2016.
The books are searchable via the DaTA system. 

Ebsco eBook Collection

A collection of about 5000 law titles - Access the Law Collection

The full Ebsco collection contains about 140,000 titles in all subjects - Access the full collection

The Economist Historical Archive 1843-2012

Access the Economist Historical Archive 1843-2012

The Economist Historical Archive ('EHA') is the fully searchable complete facsimile edition of The Economist, the weekly paper which is essential reading for anyone engaged in politics, current affairs and all aspects of business and trade worldwide. Containing every issue since its launch in 1843 and more than 600,000 pages, EHA offers full-colour images, multiple search indexes, topic and area supplements and surveys. Altogether this is an unrivalled multidisciplinary primary source for researching and teaching the 19th and 20th centuries.

Electronic Legal Resources on International Terrorism (Free Source)

Access Electronic Legal Resource on International Terrorism

This site aims to provide comprehensive and accurate legal information on the steps taken by the international community and individual countries in the fight against international terrorism.

Stored data are accessible in full-text, and provide up-to-date information on counter-terrorism conventions, resolutions, and national criminal laws worldwide.

Model laws, legislative guides, and other legal tools can also be accessed to assist national authorities in setting up the structures and adopting the legislation necessary to implement  the global legal framework against terrorism.

Elgar Online 2017 Law Collection

Access  Elgar Online 2017 Law Collection

126 titles of online legal books published by Elgar.

Encyclopedia of Law and Religion

Encyclopedia of Law and Religion

Edited by: Gerhard Robbers and W. Cole Durham and published by Brill.

The encyclopedia covers the relation between law and religion in its various aspects, including those related to the role of religion in society, the relations between religion and state institutions, freedom of religion, legal aspects of religious traditions, the interaction between law and religion, and other issues at the junction of law, religion, and state.

Environmental Law Reporter

Access Environmental Law Reporter

The database includes full text and references to cases, legislation, policy papers and articles relevant to environmental law, energy law and planning. 

EUR-Lex (free source)

Access EUR-Lex

EUR-Lex provides free access, in the 24 official EU languages, to:

the Official Journal of the European Union
EU law (EU treaties, directives, regulations, decisions, consolidated legislation, etc.)
preparatory acts (legislative proposals, reports, green and white papers, etc.)
EU case-law (judgements, orders, etc.)
international agreements
EFTA documents
other public documents.

It also allows you to follow legislative procedures.

The database is updated daily and contains data back to 1951. 


Financial Times Historical Archive 1888-2010

Access Financial Times Historical Archive 1888-2010

The Financial Times Historical Archive is the complete searchable facsimile run of the world's most authoritative daily business newspaper. Every article and advertisement ever printed in the paper, since it was first published in 1888, can be searched and browsed individually and page by page. This is an essential, comprehensive and unbiased research tool for everyone studying public affairs, and economic and financial history of the last 120 years.

Hague Academy Collected Courses Online - Recueill des Cours

Access Hague Academy of Collected Courses Online

Encyclopedic collection of public and private international law lectures given by prominent legal specialists from around the world at the Hague Academy of International Law since 1923.
These prestigious lectures are are also known as the Recueil des cours, and are published in either English or French language.
The courses deal with the theoretical and practical aspects of the subject, including legislation and case law.

Hart Online Books

Acess Hart Online Books

A collection of E-books published by Hart Publishing. 
The Library's subscription is to books from 2013-2015.


Access HeinOnline

HeinOnLine provides full text to articles from law journal and other legal materials including monographs, cases, legislation, historical materials and more.

The Library has access to many HeinOnLine collections including: 

See main link for the full list of content.
House of Commons Parliamentary Papers

Access House of Commons Parliamentary Papers

British parliament materials from the 18th century (1688-1834) and the 19th century (1801-1900) . This database is an important source for research in the law of Great Britain and the colonies as well as research on general aspects of British society.  

IBFD Tax Research Platform

Access IBFD Tax Research Platform

Including:  European Tax Surveys & World Tax Journal

IBFD - International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation provides a platform for comparison and analysis of tax information from various countries. 
The database includes access to European Tax Surveys and World Tax Journal, tax treaties and other tools and materials that enable the user to research tax issues across countries.


Investment Claims

Access Investment Claims

  • Arbitration awards and decisions with peer-reviewed case reports and analysis
  • Bilateral investment treaty sets
  • Multilateral treaties
  • Investment treaty overviews from expert correspondents
  • Key monographs
  • Journal and yearbook articles
  • Arbitral rules
  • National legislation
  • English translations of key portions of non-English decisions


JSTOR is comprised of the full text of more than 1000 academic journals covering a very wide range of disciplines including Law and Jewish Studies. JSTOR allows browsing by issue and full text searching of individual titles, by discipline(s) or the entire collection. 


Kluwer Law Online Manuals

Access Kluwer Law Online Manuals

Over 30 comprehensive encyclopedia manual on the various subjects of the law. Each manual is updated and gives a country by country overview of the subject. 
Subjects like labor law, private international law, Intellectual property, constitutional and many more are covered. 


Access LegalTrac

LegalTrac provides access to citations from major legal publications and many full text articles in PDF format. LegalTrac is updated daily with coverage starting from 1980. This database indexes articles on Federal and State Cases, Laws and Regulations, Legal Practice, and Taxation, as well as, British Commonwealth, European Union and International Law.


Two platforms are available

Lexis Advance is an efficient and easy to use legal research tool. It contains the American content only. 

Some of the features available are a simplified search box, no source selection needed, and post-search limit options.

The Shepards citation service is also included.  

Also included are legal encyclopedias such as the ALR 2-6th and American Jurisprudence and state-specific encyclopedia. 

LexisNexis Academic is an extensive legal database. It covers American, British, Canadian law and more.

The database contains major archives of federal and state case law, continuously updated statutes of all 50 states, state and federal regulations and public records from major U.S. states.  The databases also uncludes some exclusive titles such as Halsbury Laws of England, and some legal E-books published by Matthew Bender.

Also available is news and business information such as company dossiers and company profiles. platform is also accessible via this platform.



Access LLMC

LMC-Digital offers a wide range of archival material from state, federal, and territorial governments, as well as from various Anglo-American collections, and foreign and international jurisdictions. 

Available in this database are rare legal materials from various countries such as India and mandate Palestine (like the  1919-33 Palestine Collection of Judgments) as well as ancient legal systems.

There are also some multi- jurisdictional collections in LLMC, namely British Empire Studies, Canon Law, Military Law, and Native American Law.

Making of Modern Law: Legal Treatises 1800 - 1926

Access Making of Modern Law: Legal Treatises 1800-1926

The databases includes digitized titles from Yale, George Washington And Collombia libraries on international law, comparative law, foreign law, Roman law, Islamic law, Jewish law and ancient law.


Making of Modern Law: Foreign and Comparative and International Law 1600-1926

Access Making of Modern Law:  Foreign and Comparative and International Law 1600

The Making of Modern Law is a comprehensive full text collection of Anglo-American legal treatises, providing digital images of thousands (about 22,000) of legal treatises on American and British law published between 1800 and 1926. It includes casebooks, local practice manuals, form books, works for lay readers, pamphlets, letters, and speeches

Nuremberg Trials (free source)

Access Nuremberg Trials

A digization project by the Harvard Law Library of the materials of the Nuremberg Trials. 
The Collection includes trial transcripts, briefs, document books, evidence files, and other papers.

The Nuremberg Trials Project currently provides access to the following materials for three United States Nuremberg Military Tribunals, NMT 1 (U.S.A. v. Karl Brandt et al.), NMT 2 (U.S.A. v. Erhard Milch), and NMT 4 (U.S.A. v. Pohl et al.):

A database of 5,842 descriptions of trial documents, enabling search by document title, author, defendant, evidence code number, exhibit number, date, transcript page number, and other fields.
32,511 pages, digitized in color, of all prosecution and defense trial documents and related evidence file documents.
The keyed text of the first seven days of court proceedings in the NMT 1 trial transcript (through December 13, 1946: approximately 500 pages).
An introduction to the project, the trials, the documents, and the transcripts.
Links between these various elements.

Oxford Reports on International Law

Access Oxford Reports on International Law

This is an updated, comprehensive work covering the central and essential topics in international law. It contains peer-reviewed articles on every aspect of public international law. It is published by Oxford University Press in partnership with the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law and is updated throughout the year. Content has been chosen to reflect not only the history of public international law, but also recent growth areas such as criminal law, human rights law, economic law, and environmental law. The Encyclopedia also features the Oxford Law Citator, which provides links between related cases, articles, and additional materials.

This is an updated, comprehensive work covering the central and essential topics in international law. It contains peer-reviewed articles on every aspect of public international law. It is published by Oxford University Press in partnership with the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law and is updated throughout the year. Content has been chosen to reflect not only the history of public international law, but also recent growth areas such as criminal law, human rights law, economic law, and environmental law. The Encyclopedia also features the Oxford Law Citator, which provides links between related cases, articles, and additional materials.

Oxford Scholarship Online

Access Oxford Scholarship Online

Oxford Scholarship Online combines Oxford University Press`s core scholarly books in five disciplines: Philosophy, Political Science, Religion and Theology, Music, Economics and Finance, with powerful research tools into one cross-indexed, fully searchable online database.

The abstracts and keywords are available free of charge to non-subscribers who visit the Oxford Scholarship Online website, and are also available alongside journal abstracts in a range of online services such as IngentaConnect.

A collection of e-books on legal subjects published by Oxford University Press.

The Library has access to books from May 2010, September 2010, January 2011, and 2012-2013, 2014-2015, 2015-2016. 

Privacy Laws and Business

Privacy Laws and Business

The database includes reports and cases on privacy and data protection from the UK and other jurisdictions.
Law Faculty students and staff only.

1. Search February 1987 - March 2014 index 

2. Search entire site

To read the entire document email to receive the full text item.

Proquest Criminal Justice Periodicals

Access Proquest Criminal Justice Periodicals

ProQuest Criminal Justice is a comprehensive database supporting research on crime, its causes and impacts, legal and social implications, as well as litigation and crime trends. As well as U.S. and international scholarly journals, it includes correctional and law enforcement trade publications, crime reports, crime blogs and other material relevant for researchers or those preparing for careers in criminal justice, law enforcement and related fields.
The database includes abstract and indexing for 250 titles, with more than 100 available in full-text


Social Science Research Network (SSRN) is a world wide collaborative composed of a number of specialized research networks. It contains over 58,400 abstracts and 36,800 working papers.

Keywords: Accounting, law, economics, accounting, and finance. 

Working papers and journal articles related to law, economics, and business in 61 different subject areas. Part of the larger Social Science Research Network (SSRN).

Dowloading the articles is free. A payed subscription available to research students and faculty only provides email alerts by pre-defined keywords before the articles are published. 

  • HRN (Hebrew Research Network)

A Hebrew section of the SSRN, contains articles in Hebrew in law, business and economics.

Transnational Dispute Management

Access Transnational Dispute Management

TDM focuses on recent developments in the area of arbitration and dispute management. The database includes:

TDM Journal - A journal with articles on the management of international disputes, focusing primarily on investment arbitration.

TDM Legal and Regulatory Materials - A collection of legal materials related to dispute management, including laws, regulatons, contracts, guidelines, and tribunal/court awards.

United Nations Treaty Collection

Access United Nations Treaty Collection

United Nations Treaty Collection provides full-text access to a collection of treaties and multi-party agreements that were presented to the General Secretary of the United Nations. The treaties cover a wide range of subjects such as human rights, disarmament, refugees, the environment and much more. The database contains about 200,000 treaties. 

Westlaw International

Access Westlaw Next

The US platform includes American cases, legislation and full text journal articles. Also avialable in this platform legal materials from Canada, Australia, Hong Kong and more.

United States legal resources, Federal and State cases and legislation,  Restatements of the Law, Corpus Juris Secundum, American Jurisprudence 2d, Blacks Law Dictionary, and a wide range of treatises.


Access Westlaw Next - International Materials

The US and International Materials platform includes legal materials from Canada, Australia, Hong Kong and more. Also available in this platform American cases, legislation and full text journal articles.

United States legal resources, Federal and State cases and legislation,  Restatements of the Law, Corpus Juris Secundum, American Jurisprudence 2d, Blacks Law Dictionary, and a wide range of treatises.


Access Westlaw UK

UK and EU legal materials including cases, legislation, journal articles and more. 

WIPO Lex (free source)


WIPO Lex is an electronic database which provides access to intellectual property (IP) laws and treaties of the Members of WIPO, the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the United Nations (UN).  It also covers IP-related treaties administered by various multilateral and regional organizations as well as bilateral treaties which contain IP-relevant provisions.


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